There is no quarter final in Twickenham for the Blues

Mathieu WARNIER, Media365, posted on Saturday, May 28, 2022 at 7:31 p.m.

Defeated by New Zealand and Australia after dominating Canada, the Blues finished third in the group stage at the World Rugby Sevens Circuit and couldn’t do better than ninth.

Weekends follow each other and are not the same as the blues. Third place in the Toulouse stage of the 7S World Rugby Circuit last week, the Tricolores had less success at Twickenham Park on Saturday. The first day of competition that started with a snatch victory over Canada. From the first moments of the match, Elias Ergas opened the scoring for the Canadians but Joachim Trobal immediately revived the French team. However, Alex Russell found the loophole just before the break to allow North Americans to reach the first half with a seven-point lead. Jonathan Lugel put things right at the start of the second half and then had Nelson Ibe talk about his pace to provide a brief success for the French team (19-14). Success the Blues should have confirmed against New Zealand…but nothing went as planned.

The sweatshirt is so soft

Indeed, if Nelson Ebe scored the only French attempt in this match, it was in the last measure and only to save honor. A hat-trick from Ngarohi McGarvey-Black but also from Sam Dickson, Caleb Tangifau and Akuila Rokolisoa gave the New Zealanders a clear victory (7-36), undermining the Blues’ quarter-final hopes. It went through with a victory over Australia, but in the first half, forgetting it reduced the chances of qualifying for the confinement to nothing. Corey Tolle, Nathan Lawson and Nick Maloof let the Australians take off on the break. Thanks to Aaron Grandidier and then Joachim Trouabal, the Blues regained hope but Ben Maar put an end to the suspense. Joachim Trobal’s second attempt will still be an adventure. With this second defeat in three matches (19-28), the French team finished third in its group. In her first classification match, Kenya will be on her way to the Hab on Sunday.

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