"There is no money tree" - OA Sport

“There is no money tree” – OA Sport

Important news emerges aboutA meeting between Grant Dalton, CEO of Team New Zealand, and the Royal New Zealand Yachting Squadron regarding America’s Cup future. The subject of the dispute is Where you will play the next version From the oldest sports competition in the world: Kiwis want to abandon Auckland and accept generous foreign economic offers (we are talking about the Isle of Wight, to the delight of Ineos UK, but also about Middle Eastern scenarios), while the yacht club he is referring to wants to stay in the Hauraki Gulf.

Grant Dalton spoke in front of 400 members from the sailing club, officially explaining that he refused an offer from the national government to 100 million New Zealand dollars (about 60 million euros): “You read that the bid was 100 million, and it was actually 99… That’s a lot of money, but that amount of money isn’t enough. Will we have a new deal in two days? Maybe not, but this لكن This does not mean that you will travel abroad. We all need a little calmAt this point, Copa America does not necessarily leave Auckland, the situation is more complex than we thought this morning.

Then Dalton spoke to reporters and said the last thing he wanted was a repeat of what happened in 2003, when his team stole his best talent (referring to the process Alinghi started):That was one of the worst sporting tragedies in New Zealand history (sailing is a national sport along with rugby, every New Zealand loss and all the Blacks is a drama, editor). Hopefully we’ll be able to train here, build the boat here, and have a world championship here. I think the government’s offer is fair.”

Apparently Aaron Young, the RNZYS Commodore, has calmed down Even after threats of legal action: “Team New Zealand have very little in their cupboard to mount a defense and that could be it We have no choice but to go abroad. We have to keep in mind that we got the cup thanks to them, without them the cup wouldn’t be upstairs. The America’s Cup is about money, and there is no money tree. Dalton is doing his best and has always pulled the rabbit out of the hat, but this time it’s getting more difficultOn the sidelines, it is noted that the title’s sponsor Emirates Airlines posted an annual loss of NZ$7.7 billion.

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Very important news only at the last minute: Tomorrow morning there will be an official announcement on the future of the America’s Cup, and the government and Oakland Council will prepare a statement.

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