Les supporters du Castres Olympique vont voir du changement dans leur équipe.

Castres Olympique formalizes twelve arrivals to make up for twelve departures

Castries Olympique on Tuesday officially announced the arrival of twelve players for next season, including New Zealand opener from Bordeaux Begles Ben Boutica, who has been on contract for three years, and La Rochelle center Pierre Agion, who has been recruited for one season.

The other 10 recruits include four backline players and six forwards, according to a Tarn Club press release. Versatile quarter-finalist Antoine Zgheddar (Oyonnax/Pro D2), Fijian winger Josaia Raisuqe (Nevers/Pro D2), linebacker Thomas Larregain (Colomiers/Pro D2), second rower Théo Hannoyer (Valence Romans/Pro D2), bitch Brendan LeBron. (Fanny/Pro d2), left columnist Quentin Walker (Perpignan/Pro d2) champion and New Zealander Teriki Ben Nicholas (Highlanders/NZL) in the third row have signed up for the next two seasons.

Georgian right column Levan Chilachava (Montpellier), the third line between France and New Zealand, signed Feibyan Tukino (Grenoble / Pro D2) for three years. Right columnist Antoine Guillamon (Montpellier) has been recruited for a season.

These twelve arrivals should make up for the departure of twelve players: Marc-Antoine Rallier, Florian Vialelli, Anthony Gillonch (left to Stade Toulouse), Daniel Kotz, Mama Faypollo, Armand Patel, Kevin Vermin, Jan David, Thomas Fortunel and Hans. Kinsey, Lucas Pointwood, and Dorian Clerc.

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