There are deaths in the emergency room for lack of adequate care, alert doctors

There are deaths in the emergency room for lack of adequate care, alert doctors

According to the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, between 300 and 500 patients die each week due to deficiencies in the UK’s emergency care system. But some hospital officials say these numbers are relative.

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alarming situation. On Monday 2 January, several doctors’ organizations were alerted to the crisis affecting emergency services in the UK. According to them, many patients die due to lack of adequate or timely care. Therefore, these caregivers are calling on the government to respond to the growing social discontent.

Britain’s public and free health service, the NHS, is reeling from more than a decade of severe austerity and then a pandemic that has left it utterly debilitated. The crisis, which regularly makes British headlines, was revived on Sunday when the organization representing emergency workers, the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, estimated that between 300 and 500 patients died each week from a lack of care. Including infinite waiting times.

More than twelve hours before he was taken

Hospital officials have played down the reliability of those figures, but the vice-chancellor of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine defended that estimate on Monday. on the BBC The hypothesis of temporary difficulties was rejected. “If you’ve been on the field, you know it’s a long-term problem, not just a short-term problem.”Ian Higginson insisted.

Last week, it took one in five patients treated in an ambulance in England more than an hour to be brought to the emergency room. Tens of thousands of patients had to wait more than twelve hours before they could receive treatment in the emergency room. The government is questioning the current situation regarding the consequences of Covid-19 and winter epidemics such as influenza.

The government says it wants to do more for the hospital, but has recently launched a very strict budget savings policy. Thus, he rejects the requests for increases requested by the nurses, while inflation has exceeded 10% for months. The latter came after their first strike in December.

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