Beijing considers the situation “unacceptable” and calls for possible “countermeasures”.

Beijing considers the situation “unacceptable” and calls for possible “countermeasures”.

Dozens of countries have decided to impose polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests on travelers arriving from China, who have had many new cases.

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Beijing on Tuesday (January 3) denounced the imposition of Covid-19 tests by a dozen countries on travelers from China, warning that it could take “countermeasures” in revenge.

“Some countries have set entry restrictions targeting only Chinese travelers. This is without scientific basis and some practices are unacceptable.” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said, adding that China may take Mutual countermeasures.

France believes it is “doing its part”.

China has kept its borders largely closed to foreign nationals since 2020. The country has not issued tourist visas in nearly three years and imposes mandatory quarantine on arrival. This isolation measure will be lifted on January 8, but a screening test of less than 48 hours will still be required before arriving on Chinese soil. The move coincides with the expected and gradual resumption of Chinese travel abroad after three years of frustration.

In the name of the precautionary principle, twelve countries have decided to impose PCR tests on travelers from China, who have been hit by an increase in Covid cases. Morocco has explicitly and simply prohibited entry to its territory for all travelers from China, “regardless of their nationality.”

Asked about France’s reaction to China’s remarks, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne said on France Info on Tuesday that the government “In his role in protecting the French.”

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