“The XV of France is not bound to win the 6 Nations tournament”

“The XV of France is not bound to win the 6 Nations tournament”

Dimitri Yachvili, former international partner half and advisor to France Télévisions, gave his predictions ahead of the start of the Six Nations, the last rehearsal before the World Cup, for the Blues in search of a second consecutive major slam.

Has Italy silenced its critics over their place in the Six Nations after their autumn tour?

Since its incorporation into the tournament in 2000, Italy has 13 victories, one draw and… 101 defeats. I reaped the wooden spoon eleven times. But during last fall’s tour, she got a historic victory over Australia (28-27). What guarantees him a quiet future in the tournament while Georgia pushes hard and South Africa favourites?

The opinion Written by Dmitry Yashvili: “I think we will have to do more. But they are showing signs of progress. There is this beautiful victory over Australia. We also remember their great victory over Wales during the last tournament (22-21 in Cardiff, editor’s note). It proves that they are progressing. We will see how they react Over time to confirm their results in 2022 in the 2023 tournament.”

If France, the top World Cup favorites, don’t make the double, will that be worrying ahead of the World Cup?

The Blues are heading towards the World Cup, which will be organized in France in 2023. In 2022, they achieve a Grand Slam in the tournament, their first since 2010. If there is a failure in the 2023 edition, will there be panic before the global deadline?

Dimitri Yakvili’s opinion: “No, it wouldn’t be a worry because that kind of double hasn’t happened very often. It all depends on where we finish. Odd years are always tough because we have three trips as opposed to when we had a triple. So, even if This French team had some great surprises in store for us and surprised us from match to match, it remains a complex tournament in 2023. Besides, it is always difficult to manage tournaments during World Cup years in terms of numbers, physical and mental.

“Especially because we’ll start with two trips to Italy and Ireland, before welcoming the Scots, then move on to England and finish with Wales. It’s not a clear timetable. So if we don’t win it, it’s not a concern. On the other hand, if we finish fifth or sixth “It will be more than that. There is a middle ground to be found. After her 2022 year, I see her playing in the top three and at least appearing on the podium.”

Dimitri Yashvili is a quiet 15th from France

With France and England receiving, is Ireland the big favourite?
In the tournament, Ireland was a Grand Slam champion in 2018. Last year, they only had a narrow defeat against the Blues (at Stade de France, 30-24). Something to scare him again as this pick is hardly upset and remains in wins against South Africa (19-16) and Australia (13-10) after winning twice in New Zealand (12-23 and 22-32).

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The opinion Written by Dmitry Yashvili: “We can consider them favorites with what they’ve been offering for a few seasons. Admittedly, their players are getting old, but they have a lot of experience and seasons in their legs. It’s a very tough team, and they’re very well organised. They, like our French team, are among the favorites in the in 2023.”

With Eddie Jones gone, will England play more liberally with a less restrictive game?

With only 2 wins against 3 losses in 2022, XV de la Rose had a disappointing (3rd) championship. Since December, the FA has ousted Eddie Jones. In his position since 2015, the Australian has had a disastrous year. With recent bitter defeats during the last round against Argentina (29-30) or South Africa (13-27). Time is running out for this choice. Will you find playfulness and efficiency with Leicester boss Steve Borthwick at the helm?

Dimitri Yakvili’s opinion: “We’ll see if they finally get up. Since 2019 we don’t get the impression that these Englishmen are developing rugby. They’ll still have threes in 2023 (Scotland, Italy, France, Ed) unlike us. One could wonder if Eddie Jones never really became the weak point of this selection.For a time England had no reference match or real game plan, they remained more basic rugby with invasive kicking and lots of pressing as they played the balls.With the departure of Eddie Jones the question mark was “.

“We don’t know yet how the selection process will play out. The next coach will have to offer something else. He will have to innovate. We can still imagine that they will have a slightly less stereotypical game by taking more initiative in the game and attacking rather than staying afloat.” equality and physical challenges.

Wales is worse than France

Will Warren Gatland return to Wales as a savior?
After the dismissal of manager Wayne Pivac, Warren Gatland returned to captain Wales. The New Zealander was already the Welsh playmaker between 2007 and 2019 with four championship titles including three Grand Slams. So, after a very difficult year for Wales, shall we start again with Gatland?

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Dimitri Yakvili’s opinion: Welsh, I feel a little less. There was a defeat against Georgia (12-13, editor’s note) during the tour and against Italy during the last tournament too (21-22, editor’s note). 2022 has not been a good year for Welsh rugby. Now, we We know they have resources, not really in numbers, but rather within their guild, their own team. Sometimes they are capable of creating an upset in some leagues. We still have to be careful of them.”

“But, unlike France, they have a much smaller team in terms of quality. They knocked them out in 2022. We’ll see how they approach 2023 and the next tournament. I don’t think they’re fit to win this competition. With Gatland back we’re doing something new with something old. He’s a manager. Wales for X years. Will he create with players he already knows well? I’m particularly afraid for them because there isn’t a very large workforce. That’s another question mark. We’ll assess how Gatland will or can change the face of this Welsh selection in one year.

Scotland, the surprise squad for the 2023 VI Nations Championship

Can Scotland surprise them, who have not won the tournament since 1999?

Admittedly, it has been a long time since the Scots achieved a prestigious final victory in the Championship. However, they always have something tempting to offer. Talk of a Grand Slam would be an exaggeration, but let their opponents beware, Chardonnay’s pick can sting…

Dimitri Yakvili’s opinion: “You always have to be wary of this Scottish team, who play rugby very well. They also get three times (Wales, Ireland, Italy, editor’s note). They can create an upset because they are not favourites. So if they win they will make it (smile). They are They play very offensively.Their team hasn’t changed much.The chemistry is good between experienced players and young players “.

“Now I don’t think this pick has room to win five high-profile matches in a row to win the championship. They lack a bit of strength at the front pack level and a bit of conquest too. After that, they have it all: an excellent third line, Finn Russell on the high, And he goes very quickly. However, he still catches a bit on a few points. They will also fall on France, Ireland, England… Against the English, it is always a delicate match. Even if Scotland becomes the pet of the English for a few years.”

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