The video of the game infuriated PES fans who are harshly criticizing it -

The video of the game infuriated PES fans who are harshly criticizing it –

eFootball It appears to have been received somewhat negatively by the biggest PES fans, who received castigate what appeared from play video It has been leaked online in recent days, with some users particularly angered by the work Konami has done.

The video was uploaded to YouTube as material leaked, so its distribution has not been officially promoted by Konami and shows the game in a state where it should not be seen by the public, because in the meantime development is continuing and the current version is not entirely final.

We see an exhibition match between Manchester United and Arsenal, but that was enough to prompt a lot of criticism on social media. Among the main things of these controversies are Collisions between players, ball physics As well as the new circular icon that indicates the player is in use.

Among the commentators on Youtube There are those who have noted the fact that the cinematic scenes are the same as in PES 2014, those who have pointed out how the lawn is displayed poorly or at least not at the level of a next-generation football game and who have taken it with the pointer pointing to the player used.

“The first touch is completely wrong, the animation looks like… a Undo PES 2018? Honestly, he’ll have to give it a try himself but so far: a great person,” commented one user, which is also quite balanced compared to many other users.

Some Twitter users who specialize in PES have become more heavy-handed, such as Gari Clark who noted that they see themselves as “skateboarders, terrible ball physics, and poor graphs”, all of which makes it almost “offensive” to the story. In the series, while Durandil PES shows some issues with collisions and with frame rate.

It must be said that he is still one Preliminary version Which was not supposed to be shown to the public, so you have to consider the fact that the final version will be different. In the meantime, we have known the game’s official release date with launch contents and various details, with more information you can find in Konami’s special football between the news and the legacy of PES.

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