Apple event, super news lands on Twitter: Crazy users

we are here. This evening, at 7 p.m., the much-anticipated Apple event will take place. Meanwhile, a super news hit Twitter

Great news has arrived on Twitter in honor of the upcoming Apple event ( screenshot)

millions of Apple fans Scattered around the world is no longer in the skin. A few more hours and the highly anticipated Apple event will be held in September, which is a useful opportunity to present The all-new iPhone 13. Amidst the rumors and gossip, fans of the Cupertino giant are ready to see all the tailored news firsthand For this generation of iPhone.

It will be possible to follow the event through the live broadcast, both from YouTube and from the official Apple website. And of course TwitterMillions of tweets are planned to comment on all that will be presented during Keynote. Specifically in relation to the social network “chirp”, there is one Paranormal news is already available.

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Apple event, likes become ‘eat’ apples on Twitter

On the occasion of the coming Apple eventEven Twitter doesn’t want to be unprepared. By liking any tweet with app #AppleEvent, You will definitely notice a very nice surprise. Instead of the classic red heart disappearing, there will be an “arched” apple, the symbolic element of the giant from Cupertino. Fans have literally gone crazy, hundreds of “tweets” have been posted. Just to show this feature.

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The hashtag itself has spread to the top of trends around the world, and coinciding with the actual event, it’s expected Tweet boom With very few precedents. All that remains is to wait a few more hours before the big show.

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