The US Capitol building has been cordoned off due to a security incident – the killing of a policeman

The US Capitol building has been cordoned off due to a security incident – the killing of a policeman

foreign countries The building was cordoned off

Police Officers’ Car crashes into the US Capitol Building – Police Officer and Driver are killed

The first pictures showed the car, which appeared to have hit a barrier

The first pictures showed the car, which appeared to have hit a barrier

Coyle: AP / J. Scott Applewhite

Once again, the Capitol was the target of an attack: a driver in Washington attacks police officers and then wants to wreak havoc with a knife. He was stopped and killed. Policeman dies.

DrThree months after the fatal storm in the Capitol building, another serious accident occurred at the headquarters of the US Congress, in which a car near the building hit two police officers on Friday and killed one of the officers, according to police. The driver of the car was killed by police officers. The investigators did not see any evidence of terrorist background.

According to the information, the driver broke through the safety barrier and hit a barrier. The officers injured in the operation were taken to hospital. “One of our colleagues died of his wounds,” Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pitman said later at a news conference.

Media reports also confirmed that the driver of the car was killed. The two policemen first hit his car, then got out, armed with a knife – and the police shot him.

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Half-masted United States flags were raised by order of President Joe Biden. This is a token of respect for the work and victims of the Capitol Police, Biden said. Therefore, the flag arrangement applies to the White House and all public buildings and military installations as well as US embassies and consulate centers around the world through Tuesday. Biden said he and wife Jill were “sad” about the attack. He will be informed of the status of the investigation. The President expressed his condolences to the family of the officer who was martyred.

Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, described the murdered official as “a martyr for our democracy.” Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell also offered his condolences to the Evans family. “Events such as these remind us of the courage and skill of security experts and our shared commitment to defending this great country and its institutions,” said Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

There is no information about a possible motive

Bateman did not provide any information about the identity of the perpetrator or his likely motive. All she said was that the police hadn’t noticed him yet. According to Washington Police Chief Robert Conte, the investigators had not assumed a terrorist background. “It doesn’t seem like it is terrorism, but of course we haven’t investigated it closely,” he added.

According to media reports, US President Joe Biden, who is spending the Easter holidays at his home in Camp David, has been informed of the accident. In a statement, “Shook” and ordered flags on Federal Buildings to be raised to half-mast.

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The Capitol was completely cordoned off immediately after the attack on police officers. All members of Congress and staff, most of whom were also on Easter holidays, received an alert after 1:00 PM local time (7:00 PM CEST). He stated that the building could not be entered or left at the moment. People in the building should not go to the window. “If you’re outside, take shelter.” The alarm was raised later.

Security has tightened around the US Congress since the Capitol was stormed on January 6. At that time, extremist supporters of former US President Donald Trump attacked the Congress building. Five people were killed in riots in the American capital.

Impeachment proceedings for “incitement to riot” against Trump began, but failed in the US Senate. In addition, more than 300 people have so far been charged with taking part in the attack.

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