Roger Kebbe: Inmate kills a serial killer after months of preparation

Roger Kebbe: Inmate kills a serial killer after months of preparation

California prison
Revenge for the victims: an inmate who kills a serial killer after months of preparation

Jason B. (Left) and Roger Rixie Kebbe, who became famous as the “I-5 strangler”

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At the end of February, serial killer Roger Kebbe, known as “I-5 Strangler”, died in his cell. A guest now confessed in a letter to a newspaper that he had gained the 81-year-old’s trust only to kill him.

In California, a prisoner apparently killed a serial killer after months of preparation. Multi-killer Roger Reyes Kebbe, known as “I-5 Strangler”, referring to Highway 5, where several of his victims were found, was found dead in his cell on February 28th. Since then, Kepie’s cellmate Jason B. The 81-year-old was killed. Right about that, as it turns out now. In a five-page letter to “Mercury News” California newspaper B. He confessed to the crime and stated that he had “prepared” his victim for the murder months ago.

Accordingly, B decided already last November to kill Kibbe. After months he spent trying to gain the trust of a serial killer in order to be housed with him in a Creek State Prison dungeon. The day they were merged, he suffocated his roommate with a “triangular fist.” Then he carved a “jagged inverted five-pointed star (without a circle around it)” in Kebe’s body.

Revenge for Roger Kebbe’s victims

According to Mercury News, Pedro identified two motives for the action: Originally he only wanted to be in a solitary cell, but when he learned more about the Kebe case, his plan was a mission of revenge on “me.” -5 Asphyxiation: “Girls and women become murdered.” On a special TV program about Kibbe, he discovered his actions with “terrible disgust and heartbreaking sympathy” and “it was the report on his last victim that affected Finney the most.” For him, which was later supported by “Two Visions of Dreams.”

“What started out as my original simple plan to commit the minor murder of a fellow cellmate in order to preserve my status in the solitary cell evolved into a mission to avenge this little girl and all of Roger Kebbe’s other victims,” ​​wrote the 40-year-old girl. “My actions were prepared with specific intent and cognitive complexity, and were more heinous than an arbitrary murderous argument.”

Samuel Little Kills 93

Kibi has been in government prison since 1991 and has served several consecutive life sentences, including several murders. He is said to have raped and killed at least seven women and girls. His modus operandi was to offer a tour to a potential victim and kill her in a remote area. Kibbe was famous for cutting his victims’ hair or clothes as a souvenir. Originally convicted of the murder of a 17-year-old girl, he confessed to six more murders from 1977 to 1986 in 2009 in a deal to avoid the death penalty. All of his victims either live in Northern California or have been on their way, including two women he allegedly kidnapped from locations in the Bay Area.

B. Don’t expect the death penalty

B., who had a criminal record at the time, was sentenced to life in prison in June 2011 for the murder of a woman in Southern California. In his letter entitled “Ascension .. Their Souls Go to Heaven,” he wrote in his letter, “Mercury News” that he is not concerned about the legal consequences. If the authorities decide to impose the death penalty on him for the murder of Kebe, they can do so safely. “I am ready to test my theory that no jury will ever vote with penalties in my possible criminal trial of my execution for Roger Kebbe’s murder, ‘I-5 Strangler’.”

In his letter, according to the report, he apologized to the “doctors, professors, and teachers” with whom he had worked over the past eight years in various educational programs for inmates, and admitted that he “has people who consider themselves my friends” and have meditated, lied, and deceived preachers. The 40-year-old insisted, “I didn’t do this to get attention and I don’t think I should be commended either.”

He believes that the souls of Kebe’s victims “have been freed from the possessions of their killer” and “pray that they will rest now,” and he justified his action. “For me, I now have my own single cell state.”

Inflated: “Mercury News”And News agencyAnd California Department of Correction and Rehabilitation


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