The update that will change your life with two-factor codes

The update that will change your life with two-factor codes

It’s surprising that Google took so long to bring this long-awaited feature to Authenticator.

As a reminder, Google Authenticator allows you to protect your account with two-factor authentication (2FA): the application generates access tokens that can be used to access different types of websites and services.

Since May 2020, it is possible to transfer an account to another device or to save, export or import its access credentials. But it’s not as comfortable as Authy’s. Fortunately, things are changing.

The job that changes everything

Google Authenticator has introduced a long-awaited feature for users: syncing two-factor authentication codes with your Google account. Now, when you set up a new phone and sign in to your Google account, the Authenticator app will work without any specific setup steps required. This will also make it easier to access accounts from another device if the phone is lost or stolen.

To enable cloud syncing of binary tokens, it is necessary to update the Authenticator app on Android and iOS. Google’s support page offers more information about the feature, confirming that the codes will be automatically saved and restored to any new device used when signed in to a Google account.

At the same time, Authenticator adopts a new logo that transforms from a faded vault to an asterisk in Google’s colors. According to Google, on his blogAlthough the future is moving toward passwordless security, passcodes are still an important part of online security, hence the need to keep improving Google Authenticator.

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