Samsung has released its own AI photo editing app, but it’s not for everyone

Samsung has released its own AI photo editing app, but it’s not for everyone

The South Korean company, Samsung, announced an update to Android 13 for its Galaxy Enhance-X application, which provides dozens of image editing tools by artificial intelligence. If the previous version was compatible with all the brand’s smartphones, this one is currently exclusive to the Galaxy S23.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is one of 3 smartphones compatible with the new Galaxy Enhance-X // Source: Anthony Wonner – Chloé Pertuis

This is half-good news for Samsung smartphone users. in message on his South Korean forumsSamsung Broker A New version From the AI ​​photo editing app, Galaxy Enhance-X.

Released in July 2022 on Samsung Galaxy Store, the app has never been updated to One UI 5 (based on Android 13). This version 1.0.55 corrects this defect…but it restricts the number of smartphones that can access it.

Saved copy for Galaxy S23 for now

If available in 2022 on all smartphones in the Galaxy ranges, this new stand is exclusive to the latest Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra phones.

The brand justifies itself by stating that “AI image processing requires complex computer processing and requires high-end hardware performanceAmazing justification because the app’s features have generally remained the same.

However, Samsung promises that Enhance-X should “almost»They will be available to users of smartphones in the Galaxy S22 range, as well as to users of the very popular Galaxy A … without the manufacturer specifying which generations will be interested.

Few features

For now, the new Galaxy Enhance-X remains very similar to last year’s. We find the same main photo editing tools: improved dynamic range (HDR) and exposure, adjustable from 0 to 5, as well as features to correct blur, enhance the image, sharpen the image, remove glare and portrait.

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The application also allows to improve the image definition for images less than 1 megapixel, allowing the quality to be multiplied by 4.

Source: Samsung

Finally, two new functions have been added: the possibility of removing shadows from the image, as well as the correction of distortion caused by the lenses of image sensors, in particular for ultra-wide-angle units.

All of this is applied automatically by AI according to your image via “CharmAlways available in the app.

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