The Ultra Chimera from Pokémon Go is too complex to catch

The Ultra Chimera from Pokémon Go is too complex to catch

Gaston Cooney

One of the rarest Ultra Chimaeras in Pokémon Go has frustrated players with its inadequate catch rate, even with many excellent throws.

First introduced in Generation VII, Ultra Chimaeras are true aliens in the Pokémon universe, possessing strength similar to Mythical and Legendary Pokémon.

They finally appeared in Pokémon Go during the Go Fest 2022 event, which saw several Ultra Chimeras become available through 5-star raids and special research missions.

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Despite being highly desirable, Ultra Chimaeras are notoriously difficult to catch, with their catch rates being among the lowest of all Pokémon, as one trainer found out the hard way.

An untraceable Ultra Chimera leaves a Pokémon Go trainer empty-handed

After losing his mind trying to catch Cableman, a Pokémon Go player posted on Reddit revealing his bad luck trying to catch a Light Pokémon that only has a base catch rate of 2.50%.

The post is titled, “14 excellent shots in a row. And he escaped! It appears that the attempt to arrest this coach failed, and he adds: “I forgot to mention that there were also 14 Golden Frampies,” Which confirms how difficult it is to catch Câbllifere.

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One coach told a similar story, commenting: “Same here, I had 2239 which turned out to be 15/15/13, I lost it after 15 excellent casts with Frampy G Perry. 5 long range raids (long live area lock!) and the best ones got away although the smallest throws were excellent.

Others sympathized with the original poster's misfortune, saying: “Go buy a lottery ticket. You just lost the RNG lottery, your luck couldn't be worse!” Simply put “This is nonsense.”

Some coaches tried to remain upbeat and encouraged them to stay positive, “Finally, an article that's rightly complaining about it leaking. Sorry this happened. Good luck for the next one. Hope you can catch it!”

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Barring remote raids, most Pokémon Go players will never have the opportunity to catch a Cablefer, as it's exclusive to Asia. Its regional exclusive status and low capture rate make this Electric-type one of the rarest Pokemon in the Niantic AR game.

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