A Pokémon Go player discovers a piece of Drattak that is lost forever

A Pokémon Go player discovers a piece of Drattak that is lost forever

Gaston Cooney

A Pokémon Go player was baffled after encountering a bug showing a level 1 trainer defending a gym, and players quickly realized that the Drattak he was defending was likely lost forever.

Pokémon is well known to legions of dedicated fans, and it's no different for players of their pocket monster mobile game Pokémon Go.

The dedicated fan base for Pokémon is not unlike the pocket monster mobile game Pokémon Go, which often has several hot topics in the community.

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With the game's release in 2016, it has continued to be a huge hit for both new players and veterans of all ages, who continue to dedicate countless hours to it.

However, players have often expressed complaints about Niantic and the many bugs that fans have encountered while playing. One of them is an arena boss bug that left the player confused after seeing a level 1 boss defending the arena with Drattak, which players quickly revealed would be killed.

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Pokémon Go players are confused by a gym trainer's mistake

Pokémon Go player DaBimb0 asked: “Level 1 trainer in the arena… How? I was feeding poor Wiggly and then this showed up because of my big thumb, how could this be possible?”

“I mean, is this the team's choice? Is there something related to Level 5 trainers? Help me find an answer, and I'll give you a berry too!”

The post was accompanied by a screenshot of a level 1 boss defending the arena with Drattak. The general consensus was on that “The player in question has either deleted their account or been banned by Niantic.”

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But the players quickly realized this “It's sad to think that when this Drattak is kicked out of the arena, he'll basically be wiped out.” Many players praised the Pokémon being virtually eliminated by the game under the circumstances.

“Let's pretend he's just been released into the wild to fly with his Dratac comrades,” One player answered, while another suggested: “It's okay, he'll go back into the wild to be caught by anyone close to the guy who deleted his account. I'm sure he doesn't just disappear.”

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It is still unknown whether the Drattak was released into the wild to increase the reproductive rate at this location. Niantic has not confirmed the cause of the Arena training error, but it was reasonably common and is widely believed to be the result of an account that no longer exists.

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