The trailer for The Rings of Power is already swearing by Tolkien fans

The trailer for The Rings of Power is already swearing by Tolkien fans

After a long wait, Amazon finally released a file first trailer to The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power in this year Super Bowl LVI. But the cheerful attitude expected of fans in relation to the trailer does not come true.

As you might expect, you have two opposing camps Formed at the base of the fan. One side treats the new Lord of the Rings series with outright disdain. The other is confident and is looking forward to the first season. As always, the downside is much louder online.

Lots of CGI in The Rings of Power

Critics say the series lacks vision Peter JacksonThe director whose screen interpretation of “The Lord of the Rings” achieved worldwide fame. For them, the Amazon chain is very nice and Sounds like a traditional fantasy show.

Most of the negative comments about the trailer confirm that Exaggeration in CGI And the impersonal aspect associated with many of the scenes to be seen. Many argue that the budget should have been enough for more, because “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” is the current budget The most expensive series in the world.

Comments like these fromGhazi 133On Reddit it’s not unique:

“Is it cheaper to do everything in CGI? How could Jackson, with a tenth of the budget this movie have, build sets all over New Zealand and make it look so much better?”

The extent to which the makers of the series rely on CGI has yet to be determined. Initially Trailer teaser They proved that they are too Manage without computer-generated images ability.

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Peter Jackson movies were hated too

Fans were expecting a visual sequel to Jackson’s first trilogy, and got one with the series’ first trailer new interpretation Let’s see that this does not go hand in hand with the ordinary. On the one hand, this is his Legal reasons. The production team doesn’t try to copy Jackson’s movies, they try to copy theirs own world Building.

On the other hand, the new Lord of the Rings series No special novel as a basis, like previous films, but based on Tolkien’s writings published by his descendants. Since these only cover a few pages, a lot of self-explanation was definitely necessary here.

Reddit user “IHateConspiracists” has received a good response to negative reviews. He put online a collection titled: “Nothing New Under the Sun” of old comments on Peter Jackson’s films, all of them. just a pessimist As now also in the Amazon chain. Tolkien’s fans could find no sweet words about Jackson’s vision at the time.

There is also here part two. When the trailers for the Peter Jackson trilogy were released, there was a lot of criticism from book lovers, but by the time these films were seen as Fantasy cinema classics established.

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Tolkien quoted an error as a protest

Meanwhile, in the comments column below the Amazon teaser video on YouTube, the same text is posted over and over again: “Evil cannot create something new, it can only corrupt and destroy what good powers have invented or created.”

It should be saying Tolkien fans protest Apply and vent their dissatisfaction. Protesters assume that this sentence is a direct quote from Tolkien himself. But this is not the case.

It’s not something Tolkien said or wrote before, it was Explanation of a line of text From the book “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” available on citation siteTV metaphorscan be found. The original line of text reads:

“No, they eat and drink, Sam. The shadow that has begotten them can only be mocked, nor can it create: there are no real new things of itself. I don’t think he gave life to goblins, he did only rotten and disfigured; and if they wanted to live; Absolutely, they have to live like other living things.”

What is the meaning of pre-criticism from fans?

Even if the downside is the upside, some fans are still in good spirits. It is for them wait, because the trailer itself doesn’t say everything about the series. “Dragon FireIt sums it up well in a post on Reddit:

“It’s hard to judge this series from the trailer. It’s not easy to tell if the actors are good or bad. For me, in a good TV show/movie, acting is 70% of the quality. I’ll keep my rating” until the trailer is longer. When I saw some actors and heard some dialogue. I don’t know how anyone else could say.”

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