The title screen appears, at least in part -

The title screen appears, at least in part –

FromSoftware’s Yasuhiro Kitao posted a photo on Twitter showing what it should be Title screen from elden ring. The shot looks intentionally designed to be seen and not seen. Moreover, it was posted in a rather strange context: to show a fan of Bloodborne that he used an image of him as a smartphone wallpaper.

what I say? The screen seems to be configured in a very classic way, that is, with Logo On a black background with different controls at the bottom. Of course, while it’s nothing exceptional, Elden Ring and FromSoftware fans appreciated it.

To know more about the game, read our game Video Reviews for Elden RingIn which we wrote:

Elden Ring wants the successor to Dark Souls now nothing less than crystal clear, but that’s definitely not a downside. The developments in the system are undoubtedly manifold, and the desire to provide greater freedom in the approach to work is greatly appreciated. It remains to be seen if From manages to channel its developers’ mapping talent into this new open framework as well, and whether the world they created will live up to its predecessors (or even better). All that remains is to wait.

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