Kazunori Yamauchi explains more about the features and philosophy of Gran Turismo 7

Kazunori Yamauchi explains more about the features and philosophy of Gran Turismo 7

Kazunori Yamauchi was first invited to comment on having a mandatory internet connection in the GT Campaign mode. This addresses the need to prevent some users from cheating by trying to modify their backup. “The only part of the game that does not require an online connection is the arcade mode, as it does not affect the data saving, so it is possible. But anything to do with the backup data requires a connection.Yamauchi asserts.

In addition to the return of the real campaign mode that was missing Gran Turismo SportAnd Gran Turismo 7 Take advantage of the day/night cycle and changing weather conditions in real time. In terms of weather, Yamauchi insists on the fact that it’s not just about the atmosphere but a real simulation that has an impact on driving. To this end, it would be possible to adjust the speed of the passage of time to take advantage of these changes without having to embark on an endless test of endurance.

Everything from the air temperature and humidity, to the track surface temperature, to how cars passing over puddles spray water onto the track. All these new things are implemented and calculated as part of physicsYamauchi explains before adding that these features won’t be available on all tracks in the game. The trailer notes that this will however be the case for the Nürburgring Nordschleife, Circuit de la Sarthe, and Tsukuba.

Of course, the accuracy of the controls has increased significantly. You will feel a huge difference in the response of these cars when you start to configure and tune the vehicles‘, says Yamauchi. This shouldn’t change compared to Gran Turismo Sport On the other hand, it is the mechanical effect of damage to cars that will however be a slightly better representation.

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Regarding the transgenerational status of the game, it has been confirmed that the game owners Gran Turismo 7 On PS5 and PS4 they will be able to play online together. So the two versions will have the same functions, differences in graphics quality and load times. “So, if you have a group with a mix of PS5 and PS4 users, PS5 players will jump into the game right away and can start making their free spins while PS4 players take a little longer to get started. Enter the game“, we summarize. And about the online game:”Everything that was possible to do in Gran Turismo Sport will be possible in Gran Turismo 7. But of course we are working to improve the usability and reliability of the network connection.‘, Agut Yamauchi.

Then the head of Polyhony Digital went back to the GT Café feature and how it encourages the player to buy new cars as the missions go on, and cars that will be delivered with cultural and historical support. One way in particular is to educate young people in car culture, says Yamauchi, who Gran Turismo 7 It is designed to be a much more collectible car game than the previous GT games. It will also be possible to open his garage for other players to display his collection of cars.

In the previous Gran Turismo game, you could probably have bought 10 cars and completed the game with them. This put the other 400 cars included in the game on the sidelines without having a chance to discover them. But now, thanks to GT Café, players will collect and experience all these unique and awesome cars from all over the world. I can’t wait to see a new generation of gamers experience and love it.‘, he explains. Let’s note in traffic that the car rating system Gran Turismo Sport Disappeared in favor of returning performance points.

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evolution for Gran Turismo 7 It started at the end of 2017 after the release of Gran Turismo Sport, although part of the team was still busy with the latter’s many updates. In this regard, we don’t yet know how many cars and circuits there will be at launch on March 4th, but Gran Turismo 7 Without surprise will be entitled to post-launch support. “Obviously we will be adding more circuits and cars as we go along. But all the features we had in the previous titles are not back yet. So this is something we like to do. We also have other ideas on top of that, but it’s still too early to talk about them.He said: It is too early to confirm or deny anything regarding any content developed for PlayStation VR and more about the next generation of PS VR.

And what is the health crisis in all of this? This did not affect the development of the game much, and even gave Yamauchi the opportunity to spend more time in front of the real balls. “I still drive on the Tokyo Expressway every night with my Porsche GT3That’s because he’s sold so few since 1997, Gran Turismo.

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