The Swiss do not want to rely on the last group match against New Zealand

“We have reached the tournament,” said Inka Grings, coach of the Swiss national team, after the draw against the favorite Norwegian team. Your team left nothing to be desired against the 1995 world champions and took the point with a combative and intelligent tactical performance.

It’s hard to defeat

With four points from two matches, the Swiss are at the top of Group A and have the lead in their hands. In the last group match against New Zealand, a draw was enough for them to qualify. Depending on the outcome of the other match between Norway and the Philippines, Ramona Bachmann and company may suffer defeat.

However, Inka Grings doesn’t want to know anything about such arithmetic games. “We want to look at ourselves and perform like we did against Norway and work with focus. Then it will be difficult to beat us.” They want to take advantage of their excellent starting position and move to the knockout round, as they did in their only previous World Cup appearance in 2015. At that time, with 24 teams, plus two defeats, one big win (10:1 against Ecuador) was enough to advance. To third place in the group.

Keep an eye out for a sold out stadium

On the other hand, New Zealanders also have everything in their hands. This is despite the disappointment of the host team after a promising start against Norway in the second group match against the Philippines (0-1). With three points, he not only ranks second, but also has the same number of points as he collected in his previous five World Cup appearances. The national team from Oceania always takes last place in the group.

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The New Zealand national team should not be underestimated, especially since it will receive great encouragement from its country’s fans in Dunedin. Unlike last Friday, when Switzerland took on the Philippines, all tickets at Forsyth Barr Stadium are expected to be sold out on Sunday. “It’s a huge stadium and there will be a huge atmosphere. These are the biggest games,” says Inka Grings. “It’s worrying, the anticipation for Sunday is huge.”


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