The suspect will not be tried in Germany for other crimes committed in Portugal

The suspect will not be tried in Germany for other crimes committed in Portugal


Christian B in Brunswick has been charged with five counts and other sexual offenses between 2000 and 2017 in Portugal

Inquiry regarding Madeline McCann Connect in Germany. However, the prime suspect in material issue He will not be tried this year in Germany for five rapes and other sexual assaults, following the court’s decision to drop the case. And this body said in a press release on Thursday: “The Brunswick Court declares that it has no jurisdiction” in these five cases, explaining that the suspect’s last known residence did not fall within its jurisdiction.

German Christian B was charged in Brunswick (in northern Germany) For five misdemeanors and sexual offences Between 2000 and 2017 in Portugal. It is the future trial related to these cases that justice has canceled.

“we continue to investigate”

Regarding the Brunswick Attorney General’s Office’s investigation into Maddie’s case, “this decision does not change anything for the time being: we are continuing the investigation,” prosecutors’ spokesman Christian Wolters said, in an email to AFP. On the other hand, the suspect’s lawyer, May Friedrich Fulcher, does not come to the same conclusions, because he believes that the Brunswick Public Prosecutor’s Office should also be excluded from the investigation of Madeleine McCann.

A spokesman for the Brunswick District Attorney’s Office said it intends to “first carefully analyze the reasons for the court’s decision and possibly have that decision reviewed by the Brunswick District Court.” Other regional prosecutor’s offices – where the suspect lives – can decide to take over cases if the Brunswick case abandons them.

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