The story of Le Figaro's Special Reporter

The story of Le Figaro’s Special Reporter

Transfer – In this village, 50 kilometers northwest of Kyiv, the soldiers who were returned by the Ukrainian army returned to take revenge and punish the local population.

Borodinka is nothing more than a ruined field. Almost all buildings were destroyed. Many charred tanks and dozens of destroyed cars litter the streets and surroundings of the city, destroying almost all buildings. Almost no wall or vehicle with the letter V, which the Russians used as a symbol, is painted with paint.

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In a large square, Oleksandr patrols, inspecting cars and making sure that the few pedestrians who cross his path do not venture too far on the side of the road: “There are mines left by the Russians, warns a member of Territorial Defense, an organization of civilian volunteers who complement the military. “In this building, people had taken refuge in the basement, protected from the bombing. But the building was hit, and when it collapsed, the rubble smashed a water pipe. The basement gradually filled with water, and all these people drowned“Continue…

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