The employee was fired for eating an expired cake from the store's stock

The employee was fired for eating an expired cake from the store’s stock

Employee at Lidl supermarket in Legs (Belgium) was charged with gross misconduct in mid-March 2022. I have worked for this company for nineteen years. After I did malaise In the store’s stores, she had eaten expired biscuits. Qualifying behavior refers to theft by management despite the employee’s medical certificate capital Transfer information from free And the 7 of 7.

Agreement but no return

“This lady felt unwell and had to quickly take something sweet. For us the punishment he decided Administration Unacceptable “Permanent Secretary Setca Commerce confirmed to RTBF. The union had called for the store to be closed on Monday, April 4, 2022 in an attempt to “re-launch consultations and achieve justice for this factor”. He wanted to return it to the company.

It was agreed between the management of the store and the employee according to the unions and the regional management of the store supermarket. “However, the exact content of our agreement will not be transmitted in order to maintain confidentiality,” a Lidl spokesperson in Belgium explained.

According to union sources interviewed RTBFThe employee cannot be returned. Management would have agreed to withdraw the cause of “gross misconduct”. Thus the employee will be able to retain her rights and unemployment benefits, our colleagues identified.

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