The Shrimp are back with the District 9 board game

The Shrimp are back with the District 9 board game

Neill Blomkamp's blockbuster sci-fi thriller District 9 will, 10 years later, have its own board game.

Shrimp are cooked

In collaboration with Trishula Entertainment, a New Zealand studio In special effects Launch of WETA workshop Kickstarter campaign In order to fund their next project: a board game Region 9 world.

They are known worldwide for their participation in Many projects Like the Lord of the Rings or Mad Max trilogy, WETA Workshop also worked at the time on the film District 9. And who better to replicate the very special atmosphere of the film than the studio behind it From its visual appearance.

With these high-quality figurines, Dicttrict 9: The Boardgame allows us to relive all three days of the movie, but From a different perspective.

Here there is no longer any question To follow Wikos In his race against time (even if the latter has an impact on the game), but as appropriate as possible Alien technology Adventure into District 9, one area at a time.

With one The target is 133,576 eurosDistrict 9: The Boardgame has already been collected At least 65,000 euros In 4 days. A great performance shows that Even after 10 yearsThe universe that Neill Blomkamp imagines always has little effect.

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