New Zealand merino company launches 100% renewable wool platform

New Zealand merino company launches 100% renewable wool platform

Four major New Zealand wool brands are teaming up to try to reduce the environmental impact of sheep farming. The New Zealand Merino Company, Icebreaker, Allbirds and Smartwool have announced the creation of a new purchasing system from renewable wool producers.

the program ZQRX It is launched with 167 sheep farmers trying new things to make their farms regenerative. This is an upgrade to the current ZQ framework that measures the sustainability of wool farms. Established in 2006, ZQ is a voluntary certification mark for New Zealand Merino producers committed to producing ethical wool. ZQ producers adhere to ZQ standards of quality, animal welfare, respect for the environment and social responsibility. ZQ fiber is available exclusively from New Zealand Merino and its selected supply chain partners, with direct supply contracts and pricing ensuring economic stability for producers, supply chain partners and retail brands.

ZQRX (ZQ Regenerative Index) is a new collaborative working platform for people, companies, and organizations that “adapt, act, never stop learning, and persist until they succeed.” New Zealand Merino says sustainability is not enough and active regeneration is essential. Climate change and greenhouse gas emissions are addressed under ZQRX, as regenerative agricultural practices represent a major opportunity to sequester (store) carbon and slow climate change.

source:– 02/16/21

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