The sequel has just been revealed for the Nintendo Switch: an amazing discovery!

Ah, Nintendo has struck again with a surprise announcement! Longtime Pokémon fans will be delighted by the franchise's latest gem: Pokémon Legends: ZA, an all-new adventure set in Lumiose City. Players will have the opportunity to explore the city and rediscover the Mega Evolution feature. What's interesting is that the game is set to release on Nintendo Switch, despite rumors of an entirely new console being in the works. Pokémon Legends: ZA could be the first in a series of upcoming launch titles for the Switch 2.

Fans are eagerly awaiting Nintendo's next console. Given the Switch's success, some might think it would be another hybrid offering both on-screen and mobile gameplay. Nintendo engineers would be wise to improve what already works and take into account the countless suggestions from users since 2017. Could the latest Pokémon game be a Switch 2 title?

Pokémon Legends: ZA will arrive on Nintendo Switch in 2025. A short teaser has been revealed showcasing plans and layouts for an urban redevelopment that promises to be a haven for humans and Pokémon. Details are still unclear, but this new entry in the Legends series could draw inspiration from the gameplay elements of Pokémon Legends: Arceus released in 2022, which was a huge hit despite its unconventional look for fans.

With a planned release window of 2025 and rumors of an upcoming release for Switch 2 early next year, fans are wondering why a separate port would be developed, unless the new console includes similar elements or shares the same operating system. The Switch 2 feels more like a sort of Switch Pro, improving certain features while keeping the basics.

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Nintendo is gearing up to officially unveil its next-gen console in the first quarter of 2025, and it seems it wants to avoid the issues that the PS5 and Xbox Series The new Pokémon Legends game is perhaps one of the most anticipated launch titles, marking the transition to the next generation while still adhering to the usual Pokémon game release schedule, with a year-long break in 2024.

Are you excited for the new Pokémon game that could be launching alongside Nintendo's new console? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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