Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 5 Event: How to Watch Giant's Hand and Earthquake

Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 5 Event: How to Watch Giant's Hand and Earthquake

Ludovic Quinson

Want to watch the Hand of the Titan and Earthquake event live in Fortnite? So, here's where and when you can watch it.

Fortnite players will soon enter the next season of the game, which is expected to be themed around Greek mythology, after the first season of Chapter 5 ends on March 8, 2024. Epic Games has already revealed a new Odyssey quest that will bring us a lead into Season 2 of Chapter 5 .

Over the past few days, players have been feeling tremors throughout the current map, with cracks appearing as a result of the shaking near Ruined Reels, where players should speak to the NPC Odyssey.

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Rumors also indicate that an event is planned for the game where players will be able to experience these earthquakes, see cracks in the ground, encounter a giant hand with a bound chest, and see a flaming tornado with ghostly hands.

So, if you're wondering how and when to watch the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 event, here's everything you need to know.

Epic Games

You will feel the shaking every hour and notice the cracks on the Fortnite island.

Fortnite Earthquake and Hand of the Titan event start dates and times

according to Many leaks on X/TwitterSeveral earthquakes will occur over the next few hours, and during the 46th tremor, the giant's hand will emerge from the crack and continue to grow until it reveals a chained chest and opens it to release the flaming tornado.

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This is when the following shake-ups will occur in the game:

  • Shake 36:07:00 (February 29)
  • Shake 45: 4:00 PM (February 29)
  • 46 Handshake and Hand Show: 5pm (February 29)

Once the hand appears, you will need to Get rid of his restrictions With other players in the game. Once the chains' massive health bar goes down, the chest will fall and release a flaming tornado where you will see ghost hands appear inside.

We'll keep you updated here as more information about the rest of this event is revealed.

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