The scandalous plundering of a glacier with excavators seen from space

The scandalous plundering of a glacier with excavators seen from space

To prepare Alpine Skiing World Cup This fall, organizers will be willing to do anything, even plan and cut a glacier, and play with legality. We gain height to better see the extent of the construction site, a real environmental aberration.

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We’ve all seen pictures of the Olympic Gameswinterwinter In China, Against the background of artificial snow and destroyed mountains. We also remember the ridiculous choice of Saudi Arabia to host the next event Asian Winter Games. This time, the new slope is European, and crosses the border between Switzerland and Italy, in the Zermatt/Cervinia ski area, at the foot of the Matterhorn.

A glacier leveled by a backhoe

It is a construction site located at an altitude of more than 3000 meters and is causing a scandal. The issue was revealed on October 15 by 20 minutesShow us pictures of the rigs you are planning GlacierGlacier De Théodul, literally on the border between Switzerland and Italy, to build ” The first cross-border race in the history of the Ski World Cup », according to the organizers.

The construction site is so large that it can be followed from space, thanks to images from the Sentinel satellites of the European Union’s Copernicus programme. In the pictures, we can see large piles of artificial snow spreading on the road in the lower half of the “Gran Becca” ski run on the Italian side. Half of the Swiss side is located on the glacier, using slopes that already exist in the area.

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Illegal construction site?

In the pictures of Copernicus we see LandslidesLandslides Chunks of ice are dug out by excavators, which are then ‘flattened’ to produce track foundations before being covered in snow. Satellite images attest to what was revealed 20 minutes Saying that the construction site is taking place outside the areas designated for skiing, which is not permitted. Information denied by the organizers.

These discoveries had a great impact on the cantonal committee Construction workConstruction work to Thursday ordered the work to stop In this section. In hindsight, the organizers indicated in a press release that the work on “Gran Beca” had been completed and that training would begin. The competition is scheduled to be held from November 11 to 19. Despite numerous appeals Alpine Skiing World Cup It will not be postponed.

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