AUTUN-PRIEURÉ SAINT-MARTIN: The new youth space is opened!

AUTUN-PRIEURÉ SAINT-MARTIN: The new youth space is opened!

The new youth space located on Prieuré Saint-Martin, Boulevard de Maréchal Leclerc, which has been open since the end of last September after several months of work, was inaugurated on Wednesday evening.

It was opened in the presence of Vincent Chauvet, Mayor of Autun, several elected officials concerned with culture and youth, but also in the presence of many neighborhood partners, as well as educational and financial partners. In his introduction, Vincent Chauvet thanked all the partners, elected officials and young people who worked on the project. “The young people have taken over the place, and today you have a wonderful place in a complex that is being renovated year after year, and the residents and young people appreciate what is progressing in the neighborhood, and we listen to the residents and the young people…”, said the advisor, then listed the upcoming projects in this sector, and no Especially in the nearby health center, with the aim of receiving more doctors.
Stephanie Humbert, youth coordinator, and Gayle Dorwell, youth facilitator, later recalled that this was a space dedicated entirely to young people: “The young people were really involved in this project, they even held sports games, they chose the colors of the building. They took over the places, everyone finds their place. It is a question of living together with certain values ​​such as citizenship, young people express their desire, we study it…” launched Stephanie Humbert as Gael Dorwell recalled his goals: to introduce young people to sports other than football.

CAF supports the project by up to 80%

Games, relaxation, reading areas and even a project and cooking area for young people aged 11-17 are now offered in this new space, the work and materials of which are supported by up to 80% from the Family Allowance Fund (CAF). He is represented by Alban Moro, Vice President of CAF 71. We will know that the total amount of investment amounts to 97,500 euros, which represents an aid of 78,000 euros to CAF. It’s not easy!
Several young people then took turns talking about the projects they are currently working on. “We are taking a look at our city today and tomorrow…” a young girl emphasized, while another explained that she was working on a natural heritage project. A project on disability, mobility and even emotions has also been reported…. Among boys, motor sports such as karting were their favorite. “Young people will be supported in their efforts, it is about enhancing their skills, and this space is a place to try out projects, and a place to be creative as well…” Stephanie Humbert announced in conclusion.


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