The rowing of the 4th Olympiad disappears without the eight male and female females

Lucerne – concluded in Lucerne (Switzerland) Olympic qualifying regatta. Italy engaged in blasphemy in the fight for Qualification in Tokyo in three majors – My husband and eight men, four without women, with the first two places in every race to board the plane for Japan – Failed to project Get new Olympic cards for gamesThe blue colors compete in the nine qualified majors The Austrian World Cup in Linz 2019: Five males and four females.

As for the Lucerne races, it ranked third in the four races without women Aisha Rushik, Keri Tontodonati, Alessandra Bateli and Chiara Onduli, Who for three-quarters of the race is on a par with China for second place, while Ireland was ahead of the pace. In the last 500 meters of the race, the favorite Irish boat on the eve of expectations is respected by going to victory, while China launches a decisive attack on Italy, and has managed to finish second, the last available for the Olympic pass, while still the great one Italy finishes in third place.

And the third is eight men Leonardo Petra Caprina, Vincenzo Abagnale, Cesar Gabia, Matteo Sandrelli, David Momolo, Salvatore Monfricola, Alfonso Scalzon, Mario Bownesa and Gaetano Iannuzzi At the helm. New Zealand and Romania ranked first to qualify, while the blue flagship came in fourth for most of the race. In the final, he attacked through a reinforcement in the waters and managed to overtake China, To close in third place. Finally, the double male Niccolo Carucci and Luca XiumentoAfter reaching final thanks to Third place in the semifinalsIt closes the last sixth place, with Russia and the Czech Republic taking the first two places.

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Once Olympic qualification has been submitted, Italremo’s next date will always be in Lucerne, next weekend, with 13 blue boats competing in The second round of the World Cup.

(Photo @ WorldRowing)

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