The Rayman family is moving!  Connie Reimann shows the first photo in “Sabbelstunde”.

The Rayman family is moving! Connie Reimann shows the first photo in “Sabbelstunde”.

There has long been speculation about whether the Rayman family will leave Oahu, Hawaii. As part of his “composting lesson” in Mülheim, Connie Remans announced the family’s plans to move.

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Manu and Connie Reimann are currently on a big tour in Germany. In order to promote their book “Just Do It”, the couple visited 14 cities and made their third appearance at Cinemaxx in Mülheim an der Ruhr yesterday, Thursday (October 26, 2023). In “Sapling’s Lesson with Connie,” the trainee mechanical engineer presented private photographs and video recordings, and talked about his life with “little angel” Manuela Reimann, who kept her fingers crossed at him from the edge of the stage and sat next to him. After the break between the two halves, a number of fans watched him read questions.

“Entertainment Lesson with Connie”: The Reimann Family is on a big tour in Germany! Connie speaks from the inside out

He once again confirmed what we already knew about Connie Ryman: he is a storyteller and enjoys making audiences laugh. So he makes fun of not only himself and his wife Manu (“she’s only 1.20 meters tall”) but also the three-person camera crew, who seem to like to play pool while the Reimann family sits alone in front of the camera. He also talked about the wedding of his daughter Janina Reiman and Coleman Burnett.

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More about the Rayman family:

When the time was almost up, Connie Rayman suddenly started talking about the topic of moving. The time was short, but he had something important to say – as he had already announced before his appearance in an interview with, when he revealed that at the end of the event there would be an indication of where the family would go next.


These are all the dates and cities of “Saping Lesson with Connie”:

  • Offenbach (October 24)
  • Trier (October 25)
  • Mülheim (October 26)
  • Hannover (October 29)
  • Oldenburg (October 30)
  • Bremen (October 31)
  • Hamburg (01.11.)
  • Wolfsburg (02.11.)
  • Magdeburg (03.11.)
  • Hall (04.11.)
  • Würzburg (11.05.)
  • Stuttgart (07.11.)
  • Augsburg (09.11.)
  • Munich (11.10.)

Tickets and information can be found at!


Connie Reiman confirms the move! This is where he wants to get a foothold with Manu next

So he quickly reported on the latest big move and described how difficult it was to store everything in the rented containers. “I never want to move with that many boxes and that much crap again,” his wife Manu is quoted as saying at the end of his description. This was the transformation he had planned. The “Kabel Eins” film crew was holding its breath for some time as the Ryman family traveled — always with the fear that the immigrants would fall in love with a new place and set sail for Hawaii. It seems that this has happened now!

The Reimann family: That’s why there will be no going back to Germany again

Finally the big revelation followed: “No matter where we go in the world, in eight or ten years, it is necessary to change…” Coney continued that the eight years we spent in Hawaii are now almost over. He has traveled a lot with Manu in recent years, for example in New Zealand or Australia. However, these places are not the new home they were thinking of. Instead, Connie Rayman displayed a picture of a small island in the middle of the sea on the wall of the sold-out cinema. Nearly 700 people witnessed him teasing the place where the Ryman family wants to put down new roots soon: “I can tell you a secret: [Diese Mini-Insel ist es nicht, aber] The location where the photo was taken could be your next adventure.

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Anyone hoping to reveal its exact location will have to wait a little longer. If you want the answer, you will have to turn on the TV when the new season of “Welcome to the Ryman Family” starts on Kabel Eins on November 19, 2023. The secret will be revealed either in new episodes or in episodes that will be shown on TV next spring.

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