The Prime Minister justifies the slaughter of 15 million of you

The Prime Minister justifies the slaughter of 15 million of you

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen on Wednesday justified her management of COVID-19She emphasized cooperating with the inquiry commission launched by Parliament in the spring into the mink massacre. Parliamentarians had requested access to his text messages and those of his close advisers. But Prime Minister
Denmark He said it no longer exists because his phone settings automatically deleted it after thirty days, for security reasons.

The political class greeted the assertion with skepticism: only two of the 51 ministers and ex-ministers questioned by DR public television indicated that such an operation had been carried out. ‘I can not say when the job [de suppression] But at the latest during the summer of 2020,” Mette Frederiksen confirmed, during a press conference Wednesday evening, “that happened before the mink was slaughtered and before the commission was launched.”

No legal basis

The radical decision was made to kill all 15 million mammals in november 2020 Due to a mutation in the coronavirus which, according to preliminary studies, could threaten the effectiveness of a future vaccine for humans. After drastic measures in the affected area of ​​North Jutland, in the northwest of the country, the boom was declared extinct a few weeks later, and the government had to admit that it had no legal basis for this. It’s time to implement that slaughter.

He then passed new legislation, which will be extended, banning mink cultivation for one year. Mette Frederiksen said the massacre was “a decision that I support and one that was made on the basis of a very serious assessment of the risks.”

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expected to witness

And the Ministry of Justice announced, on Tuesday, that it had asked the police “to help it recover the SMS messages potentially of interest to the commission,” according to a press release obtained by AFP, specifying that the technicians’ response to the reconfiguration will know the messages next week.

“I find it unfortunate that the SMS has been deleted (…) but I hope they will be restored,” said the head of government. Mette Frederiksen is due to testify on December 9 before the commission of inquiry, which is due to present its findings in April 2022.

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