CHU of Guadeloupe condemns the "massive absenteeism" of caregivers

CHU of Guadeloupe condemns the “massive absenteeism” of caregivers

The management of the suspected CHU “stops the fit” and plans to take over the board of the medical association

The administration of the University Hospital of Guadeloupe denounced, on Wednesday, the “massive absenteeism rate” among its employees. According to local hospital authorities, “about 30% in some nursing services” with work stoppages increasing in recent days.

However, the Guadeloupe Hospital Center assures a “compliance rate of over 80% for vaccine obligations” for the institution’s employees, Compared to 30% in mid-September.

“The number of sick leaves observed since October 25 is abnormally high during this period, compared to similar periods of past years,” CHU Director Gerard Cotlon confirmed the discovery of an “inexplicable absence other than discontinuation of fit.” According to him, “CHU is forced to bundle various surgical and medical services as part of the business continuity plan.”

600 suspended caregivers

He also called on “all health professionals who prescribe doctors to fully assume the responsibilities” and reserved “the right to seize the Council of Physicians and the Public Fund for Social Security of Guadeloupe over this situation”.

“It’s very surprising that everyone gets sick on the same date in such proportions,” quipped the deputy director of Pointe-à-Pitre/Abymes University Hospital, Cedric Zolazy. “One can imagine signs of solidarity or protest even if these people are for what concerns them personally,” he continued, while the social situation in Guadeloupe has become tense in recent weeks.

Cedric Zolazzi said about 600 clients out of 3,300 have been suspended, arguing that settlements are also being made “every day,” putting an end to the suspensions. “They changed their currency” because “80% of vaccinated people were subjected to coercion,” commented Gabe Clavier, representative of the UTS UGTG union at CHU.

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