The new wine movie La Dégustation by Ivan Calbérac is good for that

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“La Dégustation” – a cinematic declaration of love for French wine culture

The new film “La Dégustation” (German title: “Wine-tasting for beginners”) is about an angry French wine seller whose life is turned upside down.


In cinemas now: «La Degustation» (wine tasting for beginners).

In the new feature film “La Dégustation” by French director Yvan Calperac (51), it’s all about the vicissitudes of life and – as the film’s title suggests – about wine.

Jacques (Bernard Campan, 64) runs a small wine shop in a quiet French town. He not only sells wine, but also loves to drink it. He seems to have particular preferences for the wine regions of Chablis, Poully-Fuissé, Nuits-Saint-Georges and Bordeaux.

On the advice of his family doctor, Jack must now drink less because of his heart and also get help at the store. This is how young Steve (Mounir Amamra, 27) marital status enters his life. When beautiful midwife Hortense (Isabelle Carey, 51) falls in love with Jack, his life takes a new direction.

“La Dégustation” is a wine movie worth watching

Wine lovers, especially French wines, will get their money’s worth at La Dégustation. Jack’s family doctor politely declines a glass of wine that was spontaneously served to him at lunchtime. When Jack tells him it’s Château Haut Brion, the family doctor naturally makes an exception.

In addition, Jack keeps a special wine in his cellar, Chateau Margaux, which is given a very special meaning later in the film.

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“La Dégustation” is a finely applied drama with regular loosening and humor. While the first half of the movie passes as a comedy, the second part gets more serious.

Like life, the film consists not only of sunny aspects, but also of difficult moments. “La Dégustation” is also a sincere declaration of love for French wine culture. Santi!

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