The new constitution was approved by referendum, and the opposition challenges the result

The new constitution was approved by referendum, and the opposition challenges the result

At the end of the referendum, which the opposition called for a boycott and objected to its results, the Chadians approved by 86% the draft new constitution that the ruling military junta presented to them two and a half years ago in a referendum, and they announced the High Electoral Commission on Sunday, December 24, according to the preliminary results.

According to the provisional results of the referendum of last December 17, “Yes” received 86% of the votes, while “No” received 14% of the votes, according to the National Committee responsible for organizing the constitutional referendum (Konurik). The participation rate was 63.75%, according to the committee chairman. The Foundation welcomed the good performance of the relevant vote only “Minor malfunctions”.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to announce the final results on December 28. According to the transitional authorities, this referendum should pave the way for elections at the end of 2024 and ensure a return to civilian authority.

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The new constitution that calls for “Unified and decentralized state” It is no different from what was previously adopted, as the head of state still concentrates most of the powers and authorizes him to run in the next elections.

'They turned the results around'

The opposition, which called for a boycott of the vote, immediately objected to the results. They have converted the results, which have been edited for a long time, to publish today. “It is a disgrace to the country.”Agence France-Presse denounced it Uyana Panyara, head of the Federalist Bloc who called for a no vote in the ballot.

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For Max Khemkoy, head of the Advisory Group for Political Actors (GCAP) who called for the boycott, “The turnout rate will be lower than what Conurek announced. Everyone saw on voting day that the boycott was respected. »

For part of the opposition and civil society, these elections are a referendum aimed at preparing for the election of the transitional president, General Mohamed Idriss Déby Itno, and perpetuating “Dynasty” It was started by his late father 33 years ago, after a military coup.

Since April 2021, Chad has been led by General Mohamed Idriss Deby, the successor to his father, Idriss Deby, who was killed on the front while the army was fighting the Front for Alternative and Accord of Chad, a rebel group. The former head of state had ruled this central African country, the second least developed country in the world according to the United Nations, with an iron fist for more than thirty years. What makes us fear the continuation of A “Dynasty” Deby by the opposition and international NGOs.

Bloody repression in October 2022

On 20 October 2022, between 100 and 300 young protesters were shot dead in N'Djamena by police and soldiers, according to the opposition and national and international NGOs. They were demonstrating peacefully against extending the transitional period for two years. More than a thousand people were imprisoned before they were pardoned, and others are still missing, according to NGOs and the opposition.

Since this “Black Thursday” As of 2022, any anti-authority demonstration is systematically banned, with the exception of that of one of the main opponents, Soussis Masra, who returned from exile after signing an agreement “Reconciliation agreement” With Mohamed Deby.

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However, at the end of November, the army announced a general amnesty, particularly for police and soldiers, in the context of a bloodbath suppression of the demonstrations.

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