Pending the results, a protest climate prevails in the opposition

Pending the results, a protest climate prevails in the opposition

While we were still voting this Sunday in some polling stations, particularly in Lubero Province (North Kivu), the Electoral Commission continued to publish provisional results for the presidential elections on a constituency basis. At the same time, the atmosphere varies greatly depending on who stands with the authorities or with the opposition. Opponents are demanding the organization of new elections, while the outgoing president's teams express their confidence.

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A political statement about fraud “This is the title of the press release issued by Moise Katumbi and his political allies who believe that the electoral process” Dirty and fraudulent “. A press release was addressed on Sunday during a press conference. The candidate's spokesman, Hervé Diakiese, called over the microphone, in particular, for “ Immediate cancellation of the elections […]. After the fraud spoiled everything, we could only think of a simple logic: cancel this farce, this farce that does not befit the Congolese people. »

Before Moise Katumbi, it was Martin Fayulu and Denis Mukwege who were the ones to condemnFake elections » He specifically called for a demonstration next Wednesday. At Faden House, Martin Fayulu's hotel, the atmosphere is lively. Lamoka activists express their anger at one of the last meetings before the demonstration scheduled for Wednesday. For his part, Martin Fayulu said that he is determined to organize new elections, as he explained through the microphone of our correspondent in Kinshasa. The patient is legodi. “ We are not waiting for results. Cheating ruins everything. There are polling stations, especially since we know that I am the strongest, that did not open. In Masimanimba, in Kwelo District, they did not organize elections “.

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Tshisekedi's camp is also collecting results from its side

The power camp has ignored much of the criticism, stating that once the election results are announced, an appeal will be possible. “ He says: “We have been telling ourselves for more than two months that the opponents were preparing for protest, not for elections.” Patrick Muyaya, government spokesman. We remain calm, even if there are indeed logistical difficulties. Now, I think everyone should keep calm, because in the end, there will be a winner and it is the Democratic Republic of the Congo. »

In the Great Britain region, Felix Tshisekedi's campaign headquarters, the atmosphere was calm. The ambition here is to collect as much evidence as possible of votes cast for the outgoing president. With her Excel file open, and headphones stuck to her ears, Mireille focuses: “ We have received fines. There we fill out the results and put them in the application “.

Mireille is one of the agents who rotate morning and evening at this center, all under the supervision of Jacquemin Chabani, Felix Tshisekedi's co-campaign manager. Him, his eyes fixed on the large screen occupying the back of this Open space. He explains: “ Our PV vehicles come from these counties. Where you see the dotted lines. Where you see the void is where our monitoring coordinations have not yet transmitted information Jacquemin Chabani claims that he published nearly 200,000 witnesses whose mission was to send the minutes and all other information about the conduct of the voting operations.

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During his press conference, the government spokesman also indicated that any disturbance to public order will not be tolerated.

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