The National is contacting them

The National is contacting them

It was their time. They spoiled it. Unfortunately. Simply not at the level of their opponent from Petero. Last night, the Narbonnais put an end to their hopes of staying in Pro D2, after ten months of checking their climb. There was still hope at 7:30pm, when the match started. After 23 minutes, there was no more when Nicolas Blazy scored a corner kick for Petiroa 17-0. A shocking start where every little detail was in favor of the Héraultais led by Josh Valentine. At 39, half of the Australian scrum dictated his law and did whatever he wanted with the ball. No one could suppress his voice. Like all three-quarters of Biterrois who sailed off Narbonne’s defence, as evidenced by test-back Gabin Lorre (32). Whey to Bézier’s supporters, who came in large numbers as usual, and who largely won the battle of the stands.

It was almost pointless to talk about the content of the match, since there was almost nothing. Oh yeah, fight like the old days! The pride of Narbonne necessarily exploded with upset, he led 3-32 at the time. Red on each side (upscat in Narbonne, Ricoeur in Beziers), two attempts by Boris Gotthard (67) and Beric Nova (72) made Biterrois shiver for a few seconds, deprived of his offensive bonus (17-32). But, it was still very easy for Pierre Cayet’s men to chase after him with a penalty kick on a carried ball (17-39, 75). Narbonne was shot, and the fans left the stadium. Before Nicholas Blazy (80) comes to kill the entire Sports and Friendship Park, with the exception of Clape’s tribune made up primarily of Biterrois. 17-46 is less than it was in 2018 (21-68), but it’s still a very big defeat in a derby of paramount importance. Humiliating, abnormal, unbearable … the supporters of Narbonne suffered. They, who will remain there next season, will suffer this defeat for a long time to come. Until the next Narbonne-Beezers Derby, if we still hope to see one again someday.

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With this 19th defeat in 25 matches, the ninth at home, Racing Club Narbonnese made sure to finish the tournament in last place. Especially since Rouen (14th) beat Marj Vanne (28-31) and thus Nabon fell to 11 points behind him.

The hardest part is now coming for the bosses, the players and the entire club, with one season over, five games to play with plenty to play for. Again, as in 2018, Beziers sank Narbonne.

7018 spectators, a record for this season!

As announced last night, Sports and Friendship Park had the largest attendance of the season with 7,018 spectators. This has not happened since March 11, 2018 and … Narbonne-Béziers (21-68), in which 7,000 people fell in the Egassiairal regions.

Karl Xtens finally loses

He was announced as a third grader, and Karl Xtens was unable to take his place. Traumatized by a calf since the start of the week, the New Zealander gave way to Louis Benoit Madoli, who himself was unsure this week. On the bench, it was Baptiste Abscat who made a stand.

Breakage, suspension expected

Second lines Dan Valeva (shoulder) and Aston Fortuyn were injured in the 70th and 72nd minutes. Finally, No. 8 Baptiste Abscat, who was excluded in the 60th minute of an exchange of punches with Pedroes center, Paul Ricoeur, may miss the last matches of the season.

RC Narbonnais 17

AS Bézier Herault 46

In Narbonne (Garden of Sports and Friendship). 7018 spectators. First half: 3-25.

Rule: Adrian Descott (Drum Ardish).

For NCR: 2 Gotthard attempts (67), Nova (72), 2 Gotthard turnovers (68, 73), 1 Robertson penalty (26).

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For beezers: 6 penalty attempts (19, 75), Plazy (23, 80), Lorre (32), Barrère (57), 3 Uruty transfers (24, 59), Latorre (80+2), 2 Uruty penalties (3, 36) .

yellow cards: In RCN, Madaule (16), Abadie (19), Martinez (75); In Bezier, Betz (48).

red cards: In RCN, Abscat (60); In Beziers, Jayroud (37), Ricoeur (60).

NCR: Gottard – PH. Ducom, Maraku (Abadie, 77), Taulagi (Nueno, 56), Mias (Martinez, 28-30) – (o) Robertson (Pialot, 56), (m) Chaput (Nova, 47) – Madaule, Nouhaillaguet (hat .) (Abskat, 48), Sisi (Valiva, 62, then Nuhilaghit, 70) – Valeva (Plaza, 47), Fortuyn (Tulagi, 72) – Kotit (Ginchradze, 7-19, then 66), David (Rocher, 38) Abadi (Martinez, 38).

Beezers: Lorre – Courtaud, Recor, Votu (Poï, 62), Plazy – (o) Uruty (Latorre, 62), (m) Valentine (Bisman, 56) – Massot (Benoy, 52), Hoarau (Madigan, 40), Barrère (hat) (Hoarau, 68) – Gayraud, Bitz – Zabala (Hagan, 58), Estériola (Marco-Pena, 60), Fernandes (Akhaladze, 48).

Result evolution: 0-3, 0-10, 0-17, 3-17, 3-22, 3-25, 3-32, 10-32, 17-32, 17-39, 17-46.

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