A former fan of All Black by Dupont and Galthié

Clouds Marion, Media 365: Posted on Friday, April 1, 2022 at 9:15 pm.

During an interview with L’Equipe, New Zealander Byron Kelleher (57 appearances for the All Blacks) spoke privately about Antoine Dupont and Fabian Galthey.

After completing his career in France, in Toulouse (2007-2011) and at the Stade de France (2011-12), Byron Keeler established a strong relationship with this country, who recently lived in Paris. though, The blues isn’t necessarily a very good memory of the previous half-scrum. Quite the opposite of believing the latter. “My worst memories of rugby? We were due to lose to France in the quarter-finals of the World Cup in 2007 because we had a very strong team, especially the one who has 57 encounters with the All Blacks. (…) For me, it might not have been the best team in France, but for us, it’s a strangely shocking match that we lose in the end. It really is my worst memory. “Now off the field, the person in question (45) is captivated despite being under the spell of two important components of France’s current XV.

“Dupont has the same style as I.”

Antoine Dupont or Aaron Smith? DuPont, every day! He already has the same technique as me, and I’ve often used it on the phone. He liked me, he asked me a lot of questions about what I do. (…) Which coach distinguishes me the most? Wayne Smith. (…) And then, I’m a fan of Fabian Galthea. I love his way of thinking, about team building and you know the number 9 is smart both on and off the field… Understand which technique you have to use to win. I respect him so much L’Equipe questioned him about it,” Kelleher later declared. L’Equipe, however, should not betray his country and be a strong supporter of his people on September 8, 2023, during the opening match of the World Cup between the Blues and the All Blacks. Especially since France does not She still has a big win over her last November (40-25) and recently beat the team led by Ian Foster in the World Rugby IRB classification.

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