The mysterious mega yacht, moored in Italy for several weeks, belongs to Vladimir Putin?

The mysterious mega yacht, moored in Italy for several weeks, belongs to Vladimir Putin?

The Scheherazade yacht, estimated to be worth nearly $700 million, has been moored on the Italian Tuscan coast for several weeks. The ship could belong to Vladimir Putin.

While many yachts owned by Russian oligarchs have been seized in Europe since the invasion of Ukraine, a mysterious ship has grabbed a lot of headlines in recent days. the reason ? According to Russian investigative journalists, it will be the property of Vladimir Putin.

Moored in Marina di Carrara on the Italian Tuscan coast, the yacht, nicknamed “Le Shérérazade”, is one of the largest yachts in the world. It is 140 meters long and is estimated at $700 million (636 million euros). according to luckIt has six deck levels, two helipads, a spa, a swimming pool and three saunas.

The owner of this luxury yacht, registered in the Cayman Islands through a shell company, remained a mystery for several weeks. However, on Monday, March 21, the group led by imprisoned Russian activist Alexis Navalny claimed in a YouTube video that the ship was owned by Putin himself.

Russian activists denounced the photos, “on paper, it does not belong to anyone and is quietly in an Italian port.” Watch the video, and you will find out how Putin owns this yacht through avatars, and how we can take this yacht from him.

A source close to the investigations told AFP that an investigation by the Italian financial police might deliver its results in the coming days. If Vladimir Putin’s ownership of the ship turns out to be correct, the mega yacht can be quickly confiscated.

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