Moscow accuses Warsaw of 'dangerous escalation in the region'

Moscow accuses Warsaw of ‘dangerous escalation in the region’

On Thursday, March 24, Russia accused Poland of committing “Dangerous climbing in the areaAfter Warsaw expelled 45 Russian diplomats on charges of espionage.

Warsaw carried out a dangerous escalation in the region, guided not by its national interests, but by NATO principles based on the fear of open Russia, elevated to the status of official policyThe Russian Foreign Ministry denounced in a press release. I promised an answerWhich will make Polish agitators think and feel“.

Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski announced on Wednesday that Poland will leave “.45 Russian spies impersonate diplomatsIn the context of the Russian attack on Ukraine, which lasted for a month. This decisionA purposeful measure to permanently destroy relationshipsRussian-Polish, accused the Russian Foreign Ministry. The expulsions announced by Poland closely follow similar measures taken by the three Baltic states and Bulgaria last Friday. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia declared a total of 10 Russian diplomats free personal, “Solidarity with UkraineWhile Bulgaria expelled the same number of members of the Russian embassy.

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