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The movie “Evil Dead Rise” should be shot this year

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This year I will Bruce Campbell As the voice of his religious character Ash Williams in the video game Evil Dead: The Game In addition to other characters from evil Dead– Return to the universe. Unfortunately, Campbell has no plans to play the role in the movie or TV again. The decision was made shortly after the deposit Ash vs. Evil Dead Known, which is especially bitter, the series was actually designed to have two more seasons than it was eventually produced.

Campbell is still active in a future, however, along with director Sam Remy and producer Robert Tabbert evil Dead included. The three will produce an entirely new movie in the franchise, which isn’t supposed to be a reboot, but takes place in the same world as the original trilogy but in a completely different environment. at Dead Evil Rise The dead must finally leave the dark forests and hunt down the city. The plot is primarily set in a tall building, and as in Fede Fedlvarez’s 2013 soft reboot, the movie will have a female lead.

Campbell revealed in a recent interview that filming was too Dead Evil Rise It will be launching in New Zealand this year, so we can probably expect the movie to release early in 2022:

We are planning to shoot the next Evil Dead movie in New Zealand this year. It is located in a modern urban environment. We are out of the woods.

Raimi has Irish director Lee Cronin making his atmospheric debut The hole in the ground It made a really good impression, personally for writing and directing Dead Evil Rise Specify. Cronin made it his mission to make the movie like a horror roller coaster:

For me, the main thing I still remember is that when you’re in the thick of it and developing something, you make sure it’s a rollercoaster. Make sure there are twists and turns and that it is about the work and the driving. To sum it up, I wanted to make a roller coaster of terror. That was the key for me. My memories of Evil Dead, while watching movies from a young age, that I was always amazed, “How could this exist?” […] It was an experiment to get to the basics. It must be a real horror experience. And that’s the key, that’s what I’m trying to achieve with this movie.

It’s a shame Campbell will never see Ash again with a chainsaw and quick sayings, and surprisingly powerful sayings too. evil Dead– A movie from 2013 that I wanted to continue, but I’m also curious to see what a promising newcomer like Cronin will do with materials and what new paths he will take.

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