The Michelle Moon scandal is making headlines in the UK

The Michelle Moon scandal is making headlines in the UK

A letter from London

It is not the Christmas story, but the tens of millions of pounds issue that makes headlines in the British media this festive season. An allegory of executive negligence during the pandemic, which haunts Rishi Sunak’s government nearly three years later.

At the center of this scandal is Michelle Moon, 51, a member of the House of Lords with an unusual appearance, a businesswoman of very humble origins, frankly. to me guardian, who has been investigating for several months, suspects that this member of the Conservative Party has appropriated 29 million pounds of public money, thanks to a contract awarded by the British state at the beginning of the epidemic to deliver protective masks. Gowns that turned out to be unusable. Mme Mooney and her second husband, Douglas Barrowman, deny any connection to the company that profited from the public contracts, PPE Med Pro.

At the end of March 2020, NHS (General Hospital) staff were desperately short of protective masks and gowns (or ‘Personal Protective Equipment’), in order to Personal protective equipment). Doctors and nurses are rationed to one mask a day and some staff go so far as to use garbage bags as gowns. In an emergency, Boris Johnson’s Conservative government greatly relaxes the terms of awarding invitations to tenders, and to recruit suppliers more quickly, the Department of Health creates VIP LinePriority list of companies recommended by ministers, MPs or members of the House of Lords.

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Private jet, yacht, real estate…

On 8 May 2020, Michelle Moon used her personal email to contact Conservative Theodore Agnew, a fellow House of Lords, and Minister Michael Gove, a member of Boris Johnson’s cabinet. She explains to them that she can provide them with personal protective equipment ” Thanks to [ses] difference in Hong Kong”, Say it guardian. Michelle Mone has a mysterious company, PPE Medpro, added to her VIP list. A few weeks later, this company won two large public contracts. One of them is 80.85 million pounds for the supply of 210 million masks, and the other is 122 million pounds for the supply of 25 million sterile gowns.

They will never be used, having passed the safety tests of the Ministry of Health. Still, PPE company MedPro is making an impressive profit, much of it going to Mr Barrowman, according to documents I have seen. guardian and the financial times with HSBC Bank. m husbandme Mone receives at least £65m from Medpro PPE in September 2020, through the Warren Trust, its beneficiary. According to HSBC documents, part of PPE MedPro’s profits – 29 million – is paid into an offshore trust, the beneficiaries of which are Mme Moni and her three children.

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