Systematic screening in the EU of travelers from China would be ‘unwarranted’

Systematic screening in the EU of travelers from China would be ‘unwarranted’

OppositeAn explosion in the number of Covid-19 infections in ChinaThe European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has considered introducing compulsory screening for COVID-19 across theEuropean Union For travelers arriving from China.

The European Center for Disease Control and Prevention said in a statement on Thursday that EU countries “have relatively high vaccination and vaccination levels” and “variants circulating in China are already circulating in the EU.”

Many countries have already adopted preventive measures

For the European agency, the “potential infections” that could be imported are “somewhat low” compared to the number of infections already spreading on a daily basis. Health systems are now “capable of managing” the disease, added the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

the European Commission An informal meeting took place on Thursday “to discuss (…) possible measures for a coordinated approach” of the EU countries in the face of the explosion of Covid-19 cases in China. After the meeting, a spokesperson for the commission indicated, without elaborating, that the commission “will continue to facilitate discussions between member states.”

Many countries includingItalia where is the JapanBeside United Statehas already decided to impose mandatory tests on all travelers coming from China.

The sudden end this month of China’s “zero Covid” policy, which should encourage the resumption of foreign travel by the Chinese, came at a time when the country was facing the largest wave of infections in the world, amplified by the emergence of new variants.

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