The messaging app is experiencing a global outage

The messaging app is experiencing a global outage

For several minutes, the messaging app and social network Whatsapp was the victim of a power outage that affected many users.

If you can no longer connect to Whatsapp, this is normal: There is a service outage currently, on Wednesday, April 3, 2024, in the messaging and social network service of Meta, the parent company of Facebook.

Unable to receive messages or calls

This results in the inability to send messages, but also to receive them. Calls are also impossible. Many users reported a crash according to the data of the specialized site DownDetector. Also on social networks, including X (formerly Twitter), app users reported connectivity issues.

According to our findings, it is nevertheless possible to read old messages and, with a little patience, access contact information (phone number, notes, photos, important messages, etc.).

This Whatsapp issue comes less than a month after a previous outage of Meta services, a particularly widespread outage involving Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Threads, that lasted just over an hour.

Meta has not yet commented on this outage, while various WhatsApp services have gradually become available again, according to our observations.

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