The Louvre Museum wants to give more space to the Mona Lisa, which is visited by 20,000 visitors daily

The head of the Louvre Museum announced on Saturday that thinking is underway to provide a better welcome to visitors wishing to see the Mona Lisa.
The famous painting can be displayed in a separate room.

Does Mona Lisa have the right to her own room? Anyway, the thinking is on. The head of the Louvre Museum, Laurence de Carre, announced on Saturday that the museum is discussing with the Ministry of Culture to improve the conditions for displaying the famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

As far as I'm concerned, it's a “yes” and I think it's a “yes” for a lot of people as we think about it“, replied the museum patron France Inter To the question: Is this painting not worthy?Separate room“. Before selection: “It's always frustrating when we're not up to reception and receiving standards This is the case with the Mona Lisa. Therefore, we are thinking of cooperating with the Ministry of Culture in this improvement, which seems necessary to me today.”

The Mona Lisa, a world-famous painting, is on display in the Estates Hall, the largest in the museum. Currently, the Mona Lisa is in good company: she faces the largest painting in the Louvre, The wedding in Qana by Veronese, while alongside paintings by the great Venetian masters of the sixteenth century. However, all eyes are mainly on her. they “80% of the Louvre’s visitors (nearly 9 million in total in 2023, editor’s note), and therefore more than 20,000 visitors (who) view the Mona Lisa every day.” And they filmed themselves in front of her with their cell phone, Lawrence De Cars said.

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According to the museum director, a scale of up to 30 thousand visitors per day has been introduced and will be maintained during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris in the most visited museum in the world.


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