Children visiting the social and cultural space

Children visiting the social and cultural space

Saint-Pierre-le-Motier. Gate. The South Neverness socio-cultural area and the early childhood area have been reconnected with the project Welcoming Children Under 3 Years. One morning, a group of children from the nursery came to discover the headquarters of the social and cultural space, some of which they will be visiting from July.

They were first welcomed into the activity room for the younger group and participated with the children in attendance in a fun workshop on fine motor skills. Then, taking advantage of the good weather, they were able to discover the outdoor space with its toys but above all they visited the new inhabitants of the place, the chickens.

It seems that spending the morning in a new environment with new friends and leaders did not “frighten” the younger ones.

The second morning is scheduled for new discoveries.

Information regarding the transition between the two structures will be provided to families at the end of the holidays so that they can organize themselves in the coming weeks.

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