The locomotive opens its doors in Poitiers

The locomotive opens its doors in Poitiers

La Locomotive’s housewarming party! After more than a year of working out Small team under “cooperative community with collective interests” modethe third place opened in Poitiers on Saturday January 28, 2023.

possessions of the city of Poitiers, The building is located at 32 boulevard du Grand-Cerf It was occupied until 2018 by Culture and Solidarity Tape Le Plan B
. From now on, it lives again under the name La Locomotive. It is the third position, at the crossroads between A bar, restaurant, and community space dedicated to arts and crafts. All in an industrial style.

multifaceted space

The buildings have been expanded and renovated. On an area of ​​400m2, several spaces are provided for the Poitevins: a car “restaurant-bar”, but also Ballroom and music studio. The studio can accommodate musicians for rehearsals or small concerts. One last room devoted to Manual workshops around wood. Finally, at the entrance, a take-out area has also been designed.

The project leaders all put their own money into financing the work, which cost around 300,000 euros. They also received the support of the urban community of Grande Poitiers. The third position wants to be completely independent and self-funded. Felix Mouton is one of the 17 members of the locomotive. ” The benefit of a bar-restaurant integrating associative spaces, is getting traffic. And for union spaces, it is funded through the bar-restaurant activity ‘ says the manager.

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The idea is to meet people with very different traits: musicians, dancers, artisans and also students. Actually, A design school located in the same district is the same member locomotive. “We’ll be canteen lunchtime!Félix Mouton rejoices, oYou don’t want this drink. We are open to everyone!

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