Ferrals-les-Corbières: premiere this year at the Corbières Cultural Center

Ferrals-les-Corbières: premiere this year at the Corbières Cultural Center

CCRLCM is presented in the cultural space of Corbières FugaCities, a show from the Hostel Dieu concert. Created in 1992, the concert at Hostel Dieu is a major player in the French Baroque scene. Under the direction of Franck-Emmanuel Comte, he imparted the richness and variety of Baroque music of the time, educating new audiences. Hence this creativity, which mixes Baroque music and urban cultures, and establishes a dialogue between these different artistic expressions. This show takes place in three acts. Baroque music is the common thread for all. The first features Jérôme Oussou (hip-hop dance), choreographed by Mourad Marzouki, the second Tiko (beatbox, world champion in 2009) and the third Mehdi Kruger (slam), three leading artists in the hip-hop scene. Leon Hope. The group maintains a certain number of footbridges and interactions between disciplines. This project was hosted in partnership with Arts vivants 11 as part of the “HOP! Residences of Territories” scheme, which has placed several cultural activities around the gallery. Thus, students of the Conservatory were entitled to hold body rhythm workshops with one of the artists and young hip-hop dancers from Amar Chardoux’s class, from the MJC in Lézignan, and also benefited from the intervention of an artist. The show also started with the performance of these dancers. The room was almost full and I enjoyed the show very much, especially the interactions between the disciplines. For example, we can see a hip-hop dancer incorporating musicians into his dance, who join him in a kind of technical role-playing game, and the beatboxer becomes part of the full orchestra (the human percussionist consists of making music with his mouth). Many people came either for the music or for the dance. Thus, some were able to discover art forms they did not know.

The pub was run by a cultural association, different each time, allowing for exchange, while giving him the opportunity to make himself known. In the evenings, the association Eurocultures en Corbières that operates in the village of Albas and its surroundings. You want to be an extrovert to the culture. It offers various workshops: philosophy, reading, writing, etc., lectures, artist exhibitions, high-quality concerts, themed events and exhibitions.

Premiere this year at Espace Culturel des Corbières

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