The living space project is making great strides

The living space project is making great strides

Municipal councilors meet at the beginning of December to follow up on the wishes expressed by residents during the municipal elections. The project to create an intergenerational meeting space on rue de l’énergie received positive reviews. The development cost more than 14,000 euros, excluding tax. And then a vote was unanimously voted on the request of the region and the administration for funding.

“This plot of more than 300 square meters is already owned by the municipality. It is planted with trees and offers a stunning view of the Herault plain. The equipment to be brought to suit all age groups was chosen after consulting with the citizens.”, identifies Carol Finney, Responsible Assistance for Children, Young People, and Seniors. It should be a playground for young children with a swing, a roller gate, and a slide, along with a ping-pong table and wooden grounds for the older kids. Adults are not forgotten, with two petanque floors and benches facing the landscape for seniors. “The goal: to provide the village with a place for sharing, a meeting that benefits all”, Counsellor Mark Carrion confirms.

digital workshops

Elected officials will also provide a positive follow-up to the proposal of the UFCV, the federation in the public interest. In this case, they are free digital workshops for people over 60. “When it’s free, I care and it’s good for the Coustoulins family,” The mayor notes. The municipality pledges to loan the communal hall for a year on Wednesday afternoon. The association, which is equipped with laptops, wants to organize six sessions of eight weeks each, on Wednesdays from 2 pm to 4 pm, for groups of ten people. During these two-hour sessions, candidates will receive an introduction to the use of computers in daily life by a facilitator. The workshops will begin in February, after registration at Town Hall.

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