Katya Goryachkin grows a virus in an interplanetary elevator

Katya Goryachkin grows a virus in an interplanetary elevator

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20 minutes Books, I advise you Venus for Milo By Katya Goryachkin, published December 10, 2021 by Éditions Malysa.

Her favorite quote:

Terrible convulsions moved his limbs that were arching and then relaxing with sudden blows. Milo easily imagines a sadistic puppeteer pulling invisible threads.

Why this book?

  • Because science fiction enthusiasts It will detect a painful camera.
  • Because Katya Goryachkin is a young writer Full of talent, to discover, to follow, and to support.
  • Because it’s not just science fiction, it’s a novel Which deals above all with human relationships, disappointment and the ways the characters fight them.
  • Because those who love beautiful books will be packed; The cover is very beautiful with its glossy effect.

The basics in two minutes

Lintrig. Six aliens, trapped for five days in an elevator bound for Venus, without contact with the outside world, discover that one of them carries a new infectious disease.

Personalities. The six travelers do not know each other and come from all over the world. All hope for a better life on Venus; They were discriminated against on the ground. They all have a different sensitivity, experience, and expectations for events and more.

sites. Everything happens in a capsule. Convenience, freeze-dried food, entertainment, elevator fully equipped for a short stay.

the time. In the distant future, the conquest of space allowed men to colonize the planets of the solar system in order to escape from a land that was becoming austere. With the help of interplanetary tubes, elevators allow the migration of residents; It also led to the emergence of new diseases.

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author. Katja Goryachkin is a young Belgian writer. In 2019, she published her first short story Happiness lies in Lucien. Filled with tormenting characters, his tales often begin with joy and humor before revealing their dark side.

This book was read with So much pain. This camera above all shows the characters’ reactions to fear, while it can reveal the worst in people.

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