The Last of Us: How do you know actress Kathleen Melanie Lynskey?

The Last of Us: How do you know actress Kathleen Melanie Lynskey?

Melanie Lynskey has appeared in many productions that have been etched deeply into the pop culture memory for generations. In The Last of Us, she is seen as an antagonist. How do you know the New Zealand actress?

Melanie Lynskey in various roles (c) IMAGO / Collage: Serial Addicts

The Last of Us actress Melanie Lynskey was born in New Zealand in 1977. But in Hollywood she is no longer a newcomer. After the breakthrough of the first role in the movie “Heavenly creaturesShe conquered the city of cinema with her complex representation of multi-layered female characters. She can be both hilarious and intimidating in her own way. Directors appreciate it, and therefore actresses can always accept offers with that special something.

Over the years, she has appeared in several productions that have earned her a place in pop culture history. You can read exactly what they are here.

1994: Heavenly Creatures

She was chosenCalm intensityBut there could not have been a higher start in her acting career for Melanie Lynskey. When people came to her high school to cast in the movie”Heavenly creaturesThe young New Zealander beat out 500 other applicants.

The drama about two teenage girls who commit a horrific crime became an international hit and remains highly significant in the history of New Zealand cinema to this day.

Kate Winslet starred alongside her and the two became close friends during filming. Directed by Peter Jackson.

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