The (joint) farewell of two Lombard tennis giants

The (joint) farewell of two Lombard tennis giants

At the national level, 2021 in Italian tennis will remain the farewell year for Paolo Lorenzi, who is able to obtain unexpected results only a few seasons earlier. However, the storming of the field in Lombardy The season that just ended was the last of Milanes Alessandro Bega and Fabrizio OrnagoThe two Lombard players are able to win more titles in the last seasons of the International Tennis Federation Tour.

Born in 1991, the first and second are a year younger, they have different stories but the recent past is somewhat similar They said enough seven days apart from each otherYahya with his head held high.

The first to bid farewell to professional tennis was Alessandro Bega, his name has been known to the masses for at least twelve years, since then Under the guidance of Laura Golarsa it reached No. 54 in the World Junior RankingAnd it was one of our greatest tennis promises. As a professional, he didn’t know how to do the same, spending most of his career at the futures level, but He can be proud to rank the best out of 259 and 17 singles titles (plus ten other doubles), on a very long world tour.

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